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Our Story

At the turn of the 20th century, Havana Cuba was much different than it is today. You may find it surprising that in the early 1900’s Cuba was controlled by the United States and boasted a thriving economy where the U.S dollar served as the main currency. Havana and Varadero, a popular beach community, quickly became tourist hotspots for wealthy Americans. The American rich and famous enjoyed the sun and beaches in Varadero by day and danced the nights away in Havana.

Early 1900's

It was during these prosperous, energetic times that our Great Grandfather, Abuelo Riesgo, started selling door-to-door Cuban breads, crackers and pastries made from old family recipes.  You see the Riesgo family loved baking and they were known throughout the neighborhood as making the best Cuban bread around.  The business grew modestly but consistently for the next few decades and sustained the family.


It wasn’t until 1956 that his Grandson Manuel Riesgo decided to expand the family business.  He moved into a new, more modern facility in Havana and bought a couple of delivery trucks.  They now had a broader distribution network and reached more households than ever before.  Unfortunately the Revolution in 1959 brought Socialism to the island and, in essence, brought an end to free trade.


In 1968 Manuel’s two sons Orlando and Luis did what many Cubans were doing at the time and legally immigrated to the United States.  They settled in Miami, Florida and started working for local bakers doing what they truly loved.  They worked multiple jobs and saved every penny hoping to re-launch the family business and live the American dream.


In 1972 they realized their dream and opened the first commercial bakery of Cuban breads and pastries in Miami, Jaguey Bakery (pronounced ha-way).  They began modestly first servicing a few restaurants and stores but through hard work, dedication, perseverance and a great product continued to grow to the company that exists today.


Today Jaguey is still a family owned business managed by the Great Grandchildren of Abuelo Riesgo, our original baker.  We (Isabel, Lelia, Orlando Jr., and Luis Jr.) all uphold the same traditions that made the Jaguey products great.  We continue to grow the 4th generation family business based on consistent values: Honesty, Quality, Hard Work and the Very Best Ingredients.  Try our products for yourself and tell us what you think.  We promise you will be hooked for life.