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Our Process

Our day begins earlier than most. Our first employees arrive at our Miami, Florida headquarters at 3:30 in the morning and start mixing ingredients for our dough based on 150 year old Riesgo family recipes. We use only the finest, simple ingredients like flour, yeast and oil and add our special family twist.

When the dough is just right we knead it for approximately 4 hours. It is at this point that our head baker adds other secret Riesgo family ingredients and kneads the dough again prior to baking. Incidentally, our head baker has been honing his craft and our recipe for 35 years. Here are a few of our products:

Fresh Baked Cuban Bread

The dough sits in our steam room for at least 12 hours until it is just right. When our head baker determines it is perfect, the dough is moved to our commercial carousel oven where it is baked evenly at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Our ingredients, process and baking time have been perfected over four generations to create the perfect bread – crispy and golden tan on the outside and warm, light and fluffy on the inside.

Frozen Cuban Bread

Prior to baking the dough is rolled out to exact portions and frozen in our deep freezer for 10 hours. At that point it is packed to exacting instructions and cold shipped to retail businesses throughout the U.S. The dough will keep until it is ready to bake based on simple and easy-to-follow directions.

Cuban Pastries (Pastelitos)

The process begins by again mixing our own dough from scratch in accordance with family traditions and recipes. This dough is different from that of our breads but still prepared to exacting standards. The dough is then cut into the appropriate size and shape for each pastry and filled with some of the finest, most flavorful foods on earth. The different fillings – guava, cheeses, meat, etc. – are all homemade and based on those decades old Riesgo family recipes. After filling, the pastries are then flash frozen to seal in the goodness. These are now ready for us to bake and deliver to you or cold-shipped for you to bake on your own. Either way they are out of this world.